Stars Everywhere

Photo montage: Stars in the DarknessThis world is a dark place. War and strife, fear, hunger, hatred, greed, self-righteousness, and poverty gnaw the bones of suffering people on every continent at every hour. And all of these menaces are, in accordance with early expressions of the idea of Tragedy, nearly entirely the making of our own species.

Little hope, at least in my mind, of that sorrowful truth changing as long as our species continues to dominate the planet. We are deeply flawed. Even the finest among us tend to forget themselves and their mortal limits at time; regardless of how educated, high-minded and genuinely well-meant their attitudes and actions may be, it’s sadly true that underlying those attitudes and actions is a firm belief in their rightness. Only natural that it’s hard, from that perspective, to allow that others might have an equal possibility of being right, or at least as wise and well-meaning, as they themselves are, and to show them the full respect of that acceptance.

What, then, of accepting life among my fellow flawed beings in this imperfect world? No comfort is found in denial or in persistently, aggressively resisting what may not have the possibility of ever changing. But to accept this grimness as an eternal truth and let it lie like lead on my soul is no help, either.

I look to the stars.

Physical stars exist in a surprising number of places, many lower and commoner than the depths of the sky, and I look to them and rally as I realize that they stand, every one, as beacons reminding me of what is good not only in the nature in which we imperfect beings live, but what is good within us as well. Small as our fineness may seem, individually and corporately, at times, it does exist, and if there is to be any hope of overcoming the dark, it must come from the nurturing of every little glint seen starring that darkness.

I look to the stars in the indigo distance of the sky, sparkling like promises of better things as they look back at me. I look to the lesser stars of reflected light that dazzle on earth, the  diamond dashes on every body of water and glimmering in every eye, never mind among real gems and the many things made expressly to be beautiful and good and positive. I look, more than anywhere else, at the multitude of stars that shine from the hearts of good and true people, people who are thoughtful and generous, merciful and hardworking, and kind and loving, sometimes despite and against the dark things of this world, and often, wonderfully, for the sole reason that they were made to be such earthly stars.

13 thoughts on “Stars Everywhere

  1. Good morning, Superb post and as always beautifully expressed. When I lived in the Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales, the stars were so brilliant, devoid of all the light pollution thrown out in and around cities. A reminder of our own insignificance.
    Janet. xxx

    • I suppose I ought to take it as further evidence of just that—our tininess in the grand scheme of things—that even from light-polluted big cities we can still see glints from the distant stars. Strangely, and wonderfully, comforting to me.
      Hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend!

  2. your post had me reminiscing about the last time I can remember sitting still and quiet in the dark of night, gazing up at the stars … it’s been a rather long time, and perhaps another visit with the stars is overdue

    • I do find stargazing a fine and renewing gift whenever I have—or take—the opportunity to enjoy it. And when I remember to contemplate that they are the same stars that shine on my friends and loved ones all around the world, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy feeling the presence of so many superb people even when I’m relishing my solitude. Look for me greeting you from somewhere out there next time you pay the stars a visit. 😉

  3. So beautiful, Kathryn. You made me 17, again, lying on the berm next to the train tracks in the first hour of the next day. Out in the country, of course, so the stars had no light pollution to contend with, no smog. And just so bright! Thank you for helping me to see those, again. ❤

    • What a lovely thing to do! I may just have to hunt up a berm of my own…. I was just reminded of when our Granny used to say, when admiring the night sky, “that’s the same moon that shines on Gregory Peck,” which amused us greatly both in its youthful *Hollywood* star-struck way and because she was known to slip up and call him Harvey Peck—all of these years later, I find it cheering and comforting to imagine the same moon and stars shining down on all of those I know and love, no matter where in the world they may be, just the same. I get it, now. Here’s twinkling at you, Desi! 🙂

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