Grandchildren (and Others) on the Loose

Digitally painted photo: Granny at PlayAt Granny’s House

That impish twinkle in her eyes

might lead you to hypothesize

that Granny’s up to something good,

and you’d be right, oh, yes you would—

There’s something in the oven now,

sweeter than Mama’s rules allow,

and some wild playtime to be had

surpassing anything that Dad

prefers, as well, and there’s a tree

you’ll climb, you and your sisters three—

Before your parents spoil the romp,

she’ll make her funny false teeth chomp,

make goofy faces, mad as yours,

all five will then get on all fours

and roll around the living room—

Eight-thirty! chimes the clock, and boom!—

Just as their car pulls up the drive,

you all head for the couch and dive

into a tidy line, as calm

and placid as a Dad and Mom

could hope to see, and Granny’s eyes are

twinkling. Parents?

None the wiser.Digitally painted photo: Playtime

22 thoughts on “Grandchildren (and Others) on the Loose

    • Yes, it was. My other grandmother was loving but much more serious-minded, so Mom’s mother’s playfulness was all the more notable. We appreciated it, believe me! 😀

  1. Grandparental licence – I love it! This is where we are arriving right now and it’s exciting! I never wanted to grow up and now being a grandparent, well,…. 😊😊 Love your poem; you describe it all beautifully 😊 xxxx

    • Isn’t it great to be in the position to have all of the fun, with little of the responsibility! I’ll never be [technically, anyway] a granny myself, but I do love being an adoptive one and an auntie, and have taken full advantage of the opportunity to get away with childlike, if not childish, behavior alongside the kids and not have to deal with the consequences!! 😉


    • Not to mention a hard-earned privilege. 😉 Your daughter, of all people, can’t criticize your techniques with kids as being harmful or else she’s tacitly admitting to being anything less than fabulous herself. Handy! 😀 With your storytelling gifts, you are precisely the kind of grandma I’d want to be.

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