Flourishes, but Quietly

Digital illustration from a painting: Splashy-FlashyNo Talking in Class

Am I a showy character? It may be that I am…

A bold display of color makes me happy as a clam—

The splash of waves or fireworks delights me deep within

Enough to make me run and leap and wear a silly grin—

An anthem sung; a symphony or jazz or drumline played

Or children’s playground chanting—yes, by all of these I’m swayed

To passion and delirium, to ecstasy and dance,

But mostly, from the audience, where I can hide, perchance…

I have to tell you honestly, I’d rather you’re the star

And I the meekly happy fan who worships from afar,

For though I love the big and grand, extravagant and wild,

I’ll gladly leave that up to you and stay a quiet child.Digital illustration from a photo: No Talking in School

12 thoughts on “Flourishes, but Quietly

    • 🙂
      I’d say that you are, but when I tell people about your work (and I do!) I can’t help but point them to your website, so your secret is out, and I’m not entirely sorry. 😉

    • Kind of an addiction of mine. Maybe it’s because I’m a December baby? When I was young I resented that most of the other months had those really showy gemstones as their representatives, and was hugely happy when the commercial purveyors of such ideas expanded the December birthstone lexicon to include blue zircon and, eventually, blue topaz and Tanzanite, but it turns out that the one I keep coming back to for its richness of color range, pattern, texture, and sheer *comfort* to my eye and soul is good old turquoise! 😀

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