Hey, Lookit What I Found!

Crows are a great source of pleasure to me. I admire their bold, graphic good looks: wiry legs and strong beak, shining eyes, and smooth feathers accented with iridescent shine. I enjoy listening to their noisy announcements and conversations, knowing that whether one is broadcasting his name in braggadocio or informing the rest of the neighborhood of what she’s discovered, there is often more brainy expression and interaction going than in many a text-messaging flurry from a pack of attention-deficient humans.

Crows can be aggressive and mean-spirited like humans, too, as I well know from working many years on a heavily treed campus where nesting season was Open Season on certain passersby whom the crows chose to bully. But for the most part, when they’re not busy trying to defend their territory they devote a goodly amount of time and energy to exploring and problem-solving and even humorous play, that is also surprisingly easy to see through an anthropomorphic lens. If I see a crow taking a particular interest in anything, chances are pretty good that I’ll find it interesting myself, should I follow its lead.
Digital artwork from photographs: Curious Crows

Shore Enough

I am too smart for you by half; you think you’re bright? Don’t make me laugh!

You think me infantile and boisterous, but cannot crack an oyster

With no knife? Ha! Silly chums: no fingers, no opposing thumbs,

And yet, I’ve dined on oysters thrice before you’ve opened one. How nice

That you consider yourselves wise to have your thoughts and synthesize

Them into action, yet still fail to see that mine makes yours seem pale,

When you consider that you’ve got advantages that I have not,

And still I’m able, while you strive and strain to merely keep alive,

To caw this jeering little poem at you from this, my beachfront home.

14 thoughts on “Hey, Lookit What I Found!

  1. Like you, I’m fascinated by them, Kathryn. Researchers believe them to be among the smartest of animals and they do play. There’s a Russian video on YouTube of a crow “snowboarding” down a roof top, repeatedly. Can pasta making be next? Perish the thought!

    • I’ve seen that snowboarder, too. Delightful. Also, far more talented at it than I would ever be…of course, knowing that you can fly off if you fall makes it a little less intimidating to surf toward the abyss, I suppose. 😉

      A pasta-making crow: now THAT would be worth seeing!!!

  2. I have a long history of loving and hating crows, having spent many years living where they are abundant. Smart, raucous, thieving, humorous, and a little spooky; they are not a shy and retiring sort of bird. Your post does them a great justice!

  3. Dear Kathryn,
    I love this very much! Also I admire and observe them daily. They’ll pose for me, alone or sometimes as a couple. We have an understanding I believe, they never fly away from my camera, I stop taking pictures not to disturb them any longer. I love crows!!! A wonderful blog 🙂

    • I think crows are one of the birds clever enough to recognize and understand affinity, when one is patient and gentle as you are, my sweet. They are lucky to have a gracious companion in you, and you in them!!


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