Keeping Watch with Love

Text: BrevityJust because there are designated days (All Saints, Memorial Day, Defence Day, Anzac Day, Volkstrauertag, Poppy Day) for recalling those we’ve lost doesn’t mean in any way that we restrict our respectful, loving and admiring remembrances to those days. Those whom we hold in our hearts remain there, living or not, forever. That’s our path to peace.Digital illustration from a drawing + text: May We All Rest in Peace

The guarantee that we will die, and that all of those we hold dear will die too, means we will do best by finding ways to embrace and recall, most of all, the good and the uplifting things from their lives and ours, and expand on such things for the sake of our finest predecessors’ honor, if not our own.

11 thoughts on “Keeping Watch with Love

  1. Hi Kathryn, Lovely reminder to honor and carry forward our loved ones. Great graphics too! I was just thinking about this yesterday in reference to a place I lived and loved in the past. Then I realized that I can reclaim the joy any time I want by recalling the joyful memories. No change in circumstances necessary! blessings, Brad

    • You’re right, Brad. The memory is, in my opinion, even more comforting and wonderful, because it recaptures more of the exact experience or my feelings about it than returning to the person-place-or-thing in its current and different state could do. We can’t recapture the past, but there’s no reason we can’t still be blessed by it. πŸ™‚
      Joy to you,

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