Postcard from the Edgy

Digital illustration from a photo: PostcardMy Mind Wanders & So Shall I

I want to wander

To traipse and travel

Or else I wonder

If I’ll unravel

Make expeditions

I may

I must

Or my brain could bust

From Wanderlust

Let me sally swiftly

Flying forth

No matter whether


Or North

For I might implode

In irksome itches

The way my


Ticks and twitches

Can’t pause to ponder

What’s yon

Or yonder

My heart

Yells START!

And I want

To wander—

9 thoughts on “Postcard from the Edgy

    • It’s sure to happen. We who wander, lost or not, may simply be destined for it. 🙂 I’m just delighted that our paths have crossed in our adventures, and hope that they will continue to do so for a long time to come.
      Have a lovely weekend, my own magical hummingbird! 🙂

  1. That’s been one of the most difficult parts of me getting used to my present circumstances. I’ve always been a “grab a bag and go” sort of gal, and these days, the road trips have disappeared. Which doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t still yearn for the highway, but in the practical world, it just isn’t in the cards. So I try to satisfy that craving in other (creative) ways. And by the way, I happen to truly love the movie (Postcards From the Edge). It always makes me laugh.

    • I’ve still not gotten to see the movie, but since I think Carrie’s a hoot, I’m pretty sure I’ll belly-laugh my way through it when I do! And often, I find that vicarious travels are far better than none, so I’m glad I’m able to subscribe to or follow or watch various travel magazines, blogs, books, movies, and the like to fill the gaps. And mighty pleased that I get to be so privileged as to ride coattails on Richard’s business travels as often as I do. 🙂

  2. kathryn, what a great pic!
    Is it Nordiska Museet out on Djurgården!
    Hope all is well and that you are getting ready for Christmas!
    hugs from Stockholm

    • Yes, you spotted it exactly. A wonderful place, a beautiful building, and an inspiring man who ‘started’ the museum. I love the story of his going ahead and starting it without enough funding and saying, ‘well, if I’d waited until there was enough money, it would never have gotten built’ (or something like that). I think maybe it really *is* more useful to be daring than to be too practical. 😉

      We’re getting ready for Christmas in our own usual way, which is to say that Richard has had many rehearsals and concerts, and there are still receptions and parties and dinners to attend; a wedding for the choir he’s conducting to sing at on Saturday; Julafton will have three big church services for the choir; another Sunday service on the 28th, and a few big days of office cleaning at the church, home, and school. Then, if we’re lucky, lots and lots of sleep to start the New Year!!! But all along, we’re with many friends and a few family members, so it’s all quite good. I hope you are having a lovely time as Christmas nears, too, Anna! Lyckönskningar för en glad jul och ett underbart nytt år, från mitt hjärta! Kram!

      • kathryn, you and Richard really seems to be busy enough through christmas!
        But I guess as long as you are enjoying yourself it is ok! And that you are among friends and family!
        i will spend christmas here in Stockholm- the rest of my family on the westcoast- but i will be with some really good freinds so that will be ok!
        Talk to you soon again
        Have a great thursday!

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