My nature is just about the polar opposite of industrious. If there were a way to recline and remain immobile and mentally inactive without being in a completely vegetative state while still getting through daily life, I would probably have discovered it by now, but I manage to keep alarmingly close to it in spite of all urgings toward better things.
Photo: Skansen Factory

I have tremendous curiosity about and admiration of those who are, conversely, hard workers and the wonderful machinery that represents and supports them in their labors. But I have never progressed far beyond the stage of admiring these ‘rude mechanicals‘—human and otherwise—in the abstract. To me, they remain alien and magically artistic yet quite incomprehensible. Only when contemplated in the stopped state required for rest, repair, and refueling do they even register in my mind as real.
Photo: Red Engine

I will always admire and be immensely grateful for those people who do the work of the world, who keep it chugging on all cylinders and, indeed, invent and craft the machinery that does the chugging. I could not enjoy this life of privileged repose and ignorant ennui if it weren’t for being carried by the very machinations of these titans. I bow at their feet in humble gratitude and respect.
Photo: Vintage Helicopter

And while I’m down here curtseying, I notice that the floor looks quite comfortable and inviting indeed. If you should need me later, come back and look for me where I’ve stretched out on the rug in a slackly indolent heap. Don’t make too much noise, though, for I may be dreaming happy dreams of gears turning, flywheels whirring, and motors purring, and it would be a shame to interrupt them with actual action.

17 thoughts on “Industrious

  1. You? A polar opp of industrious? Ok, you can think of all the art and writing you do as ‘therapy’ maybe and not work. . However, I don’t think you’re as much of a veggie as you think you are! 😉
    I do agree about these folks that never seem to sleep or relax. I do admire them slightly. However, to lay down on the grass and watch clouds go by is a great afternoon!

  2. This is one of my favourite posts of yours Kathryn! I have to say, though, that you are extremeley industrious when it comes to writing! Never mind the machinery of life, alrhough I am wirh you all he way being in awe of those who keep life ticking over in that respect. When I stop and think about all the inventors and builders, designers etc etc etc, I feel very humbled. Anyway, I am disturbing your cosy ‘rug’ time! *tiptoes quietly away*…

    • If you don’t already have a career in hypnotism, you should: you almost had me in deeeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeeeep before you finished your commmmmmm………..

  3. Is it okay if I skip the industrious and industrial part of the equation, and just marvel at all the pretty shiny surfaces? Especially love that third photo … great capture! 🙂

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