Morning and Evening

Digital illustration: Happy New Year

Year In, Year Out

The year begins with ice and fire at dawn

As January draws the curtain high,

Revealing what is written on the sky

To turn our vision forward and move on—

Into the year ahead, awake, renewed,

To see what can be done, what holds the key

That everything required of you and me

Will help fulfill the prophecy we viewed—

Move us with hope and joy through dark and light,

Through time that tests us as it passes by

Until we see another evening sky

Leading the way to that December night—

When once again we’ll come to gather here

And mark the changing to another year.

Digital illustration: Happy New Year Again

18 thoughts on “Morning and Evening

  1. Good morning dear Katherine….thank you and may you and yours have a wonderful new year.
    This is my week to get my house in order….paper work, etc. paints, brushes everything ready for a positive start to the new year.
    I hope you experience much joy, love and creativity during 2015. Janet. xxxx

    • What gracious wishes, Janet. I couldn’t imagine anything nicer to hope for—for *either* of us! So I wish you the same marvels and beauties, too, through the whole year!!!


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