Tenderheartedness isn’t for Softies

It takes strength to maintain the goodwill and generosity that creates true bonds between people—individually and corporately. But through that steadfastness is the best path to peace and wholeness, a consummation devoutly to be wished.Digital illustration: Constellation

River of Stars

A river made of silver stars with sapphire deeps below,

The sweet compassion of the heart is ceaseless in its flow—

A font of healing, kindness, care; a waterfall of grace;

A draught to slake the deepest thirst; and with it, keeping pace,

Persistent hope, watered withal, along its banks to grow,

To bloom as peace, compassion’s flow’r, where starry rivers flow.

17 thoughts on “Tenderheartedness isn’t for Softies

  1. Let compassion continue to flow down the river and into all of our hearts.
    You never cease to have inspiration, Kathryn, and that amazes me day after day.
    Much love,

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