Foodie Tuesday: Freshness, with a Hint of Asia

For cold-weather refreshment, try a composed salad of roasted beets, fresh pears and sugar snap peas, dried apricots, ginger, rice vinegar, macadamia or avocado oil, elderflower syrup, chopped roasted salted peanuts or almonds, mint, and black pepper.

Served over Pad Thai noodles seasoned with a little tamari, it becomes a more filling meal. When you add a lovely piece of grilled or poached salmon (how about poaching it in—mmm—coconut milk?) or a succulent roasted duck breast to the plate, it becomes more elegant and yet more satisfying to a hungry guest.

Sake on the side might be a dandy tipple, or perhaps some apple cider (still, sparkling, unfermented or hard) is more to your taste.

Photo: A Hint of AsiaAnother version:

Salad of carrot-shred “noodles” dressed simply with lime juice, ginger syrup and a little avocado oil and sprinkled with plain sesame seeds.

A half-and-half mixture of Pad Thai rice noodles and bean threads, cooked in broth (my homemade chicken broth, in this instance) and dressed with a sauce of blended peanut butter (no additives but salt, please), fresh mint, Thai basil, and cilantro leaves, minced fresh ginger and a sparking of red chile pepper flakes. A little fresh lime juice squeezed over the top, and there you have it, a meal ready to eat that’s a fair sight fresher and zestier than, say, the MRE goodness our military friends get served. This combination works fine on its own as a light meal, or can have quickly cooked prawns or roasted chicken or fried tofu added for a boost in flavor, texture and protein as well.Photo: Fried Rice & Wasabi Eggs

Of course, there’s the old standby as well: fried rice is always easy and tasty. In the photo above, it had toasted almond slices and (barely visible) tiny shrimp, along with soy sauce and sliced water chestnuts, honey and shallots, and peas as tiny as the shrimps. It might be accompanied by something unique each time just to shake things up a tad and keep that sense of freshness humming. Wasabi-deviled eggs are a simple and welcome textural and flavoring pizzazz, along with the ubiquitous garnish we love, sushi ginger. As always, the ingredients I keep on hand may not vary widely, since we have our household favorites and limitations just like anyone else does, but it’s amazing how many variations can be made from different groupings and proportions of them and techniques for the dishes’ and meals’ preparations. Some things never really change!

9 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Freshness, with a Hint of Asia

      • Hi Kathryn, thanks. As soon as I get the chance to buy the ingredients, though I might have some at home. Your blog giving a recipe was a surprise and I liked it! Such a variety!!!
        Have a fine day 🙂

    • Thank you, my lovely! I hope you’re already waking to a lovely Wednesday, yourself. If you get hungry, just pop by here! 🙂 Though you might want to wait at least until dinnertime here, since we’re meeting a colleague of Richard’s for lunch at a restaurant we’ve not tried before. Hope it’s good!

    • Well, there is certainly nothing remotely wrong with putting it on ice cream, if you ask me!! 😀 The carrot salad is a variant of a super-simple one I had long since got addicted to thanks to relatives and friends in Norway—often nothing more than shredded raw carrots dressed with lemon juice and sugar. So refreshing. But you know my equal addiction to ginger, so this seemed like an excellent next step.

    • I’m always on the hunt for something good to eat, so am glad when I can fiddle with recipes mentally for a moment rather than always adding to my reasons-I-need-to-reform (literally as well as figuratively, no pun intended!!). 😀

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