Species Unknown

Regardless of whether you’re of an evolutionary or Creationist or magical or pragmatic sort when it comes to the origins of life and the vast variety of creatures populating the planet—and, for all I know, the universe, though why anyone would want to live more than a single planet away from the wonderfulness that is Moi, I can’t imagine—it’s fascinating and entertaining to try to suss out how so many divergent and astonishing life forms there are all around us. I suppose one of the aspects I find most curious and amazing is the startling mix of sameness and extraordinary differences that seems to occur within what a first glance might have appeared to be nearly identical beings. How can two butterflies that look, even side by side, very little different contain both marked similarities and also such miraculously distinct characteristics and traits?
Digital illustration: A Breed Apart 1

I imagine that if there are other life forces out there, whether they’re supernatural or simply extraterrestrial, they might find the zoology of earth just as entertaining as I do, even if they already know and understand far more about it all that I ever will.
Digital illustration: A Breed Apart 2

It’s all of no great matter to me, to be honest, as my limited imagination will never remotely encompass the full reality of life on this globe or any other, and yet I think it fair to assume that it all predated me by a longshot and will continue long after I’m composted, no matter what I do or don’t understand. But knowing that I can’t ever know much within the greater scheme of things is neither daunting nor preventive; I will always, I suppose, be intrigued and piqued by the sheer magnitude of exotic, colorful, flagrantly felicitous Life. I can’t explain myself any more than I can explain any other living creature, and that is as far from boring an existence as one could wish.

Though I am just the tiniest bit unsettled by that one lady down the street who glows in the dark and has a flying dog.

18 thoughts on “Species Unknown

    • Thank you! I can’t decide, half of the time, which version of my various digital drawings I prefer, so it often leads to posting more than one. In *this* case, it led to the whole concept of the post! 😉

  1. love that last line … clever way to throw another layer of intrigue into the mix

    also love the mosaic feel in the second piece – I enjoy when a piece of artwork is beautiful at first glance, and even more illustrative and alive upon closer inspection – gives it lots of energy

    • Energy. Yes, that’s what I was really hoping for. I saw it almost literally as electrical currents running through, holding the whole together in its new form yet still shaping…

      What, you don’t have a neighbor like that too? 😉

  2. That is just it, isn’t it? the palpable and miraculous fact, that despite the figure of the well and /or overpopulated land we stand on, not a single living being is alike. No one is and no one should. This to me, makes this world go around.

    How amusing to have a neighbor dressed for Halloween all year around. However, do be alarmed if anyone tells you that they could pass as the carbon copy of your brain, which contains eloquence, humility, and for lack of a better word, class.

    • You are too generous! Given the topic of the post, I suppose it would be entirely fair for the Halloween-ish neighbor to think *me* the oddity! And yes, the beautiful miracle *is* everyone’s complicated, confusing, completely wonderful uniqueness.

  3. The world’s a doozy! No doubt about it. It never ceases to amaze!
    And Thank Goodness none of us are alike!! How agonizingly dull and boring that would be!
    Love the butterflies!

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