Ménage à Moi

Digital illo from a photo: Woolly NillyZoo Zooming

I’m off to see the monkeys now,

The ibex, the Tibetan cow,

The tortoise, hippo, kangaroo—

But if you think it’s to the zoo

I’m heading out, you’re incorrect—

I’m off to feed my intellect

Not in the jungle nearby found,

But where the animals are bound

In paper quarters, for you see,

I’m headed for the library.

14 thoughts on “Ménage à Moi

    • A charming creature that was, at the time I took the photo from which I made the illustration, enjoying a cool summer bath immensely, just standing in the shade while a young lady sprayed a hose all over its long wool!

    • It’s from a funny little private animal rescue place not too far from our home, where the animals were getting afternoon food and (in this one’s case) a great cooling off with a hose bath!

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