Vegetable Bliss

Photo: Vegetopia IIn addition to the under-appreciated benefits of simply vegetating for rest and personal renewal—the old R&R that current generations seem to forget to practice in our constant race for connectedness and communication and “productivity”—vegetating is a state in which the highly desirable happy accident of inspiration has room to occur. Some inspiring thoughts could even lead to a great invention or contribution to society. Mine, not likely. But if I don’t take the opportunity to allow that creative space, how will I know?Photo montage + text: The Faithful Gardener

It’s worth the risk, in my view, of fulfilling my destiny as one who will never have the Great Idea. By trying the intentional-vegetative approach, I might surprise even myself. And I’m certain that having a little more time spent as a human plant form is bound to have a positive effect on my general well-being, at the least. Indulge me. Better yet, indulge yourself from time to time.Photo: Vegetopia II

10 thoughts on “Vegetable Bliss

    • Fabulous, no? The state fairgrounds in the town where I grew up always has a fantastic showcase for the local produce farmers, and they get quite competitive with their displays. We attendees always vote on favorites, and while I get a huge kick out of the more pictorial and inventive assemblages, what generally wins my fondest attention is the beauty of the produce itself. This one was clearly a favorite in its year! 🙂

  1. I kind of squealed a little bit inside when I saw that first photo. Oh, the bounty! Oh, the color! Oh, the glorious abundance! Such deliciousness! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

    • As beautiful to look at as to eat. But since they do spoil pretty quickly, it seems incumbent upon me to eat as many of them as I possibly can before they go bad! 😉

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