Wake, Awake!

Today, a nearly perfect day of blue and gold and bracing new-leafed green, demanded that it be enjoyed from outside the house. We, my darling chauffeur-companion-partner and I, obeyed. We went to the park.Photo: Pollinators at Work

Being in a massive park, but one zoned as a number of separate and more intimate places  devoted to strolling, picnics, camping, horseback riding, fishing, and the like, we found no shortage of pleasant places to revel in the marvels of a sweet north Texas spring day. Tiny, starlike rain lilies leaping up from the sleepy clay shine like miniature suns but are even more sweetly pretty, somehow, when they’re nestling little pollinator insects. The swell of tree fungus at the base of a stump is pierced by the skyward plunge of a dainty but strong sprout of new growth from the cut tree.Photo: Sprout & Fungus

And in the short, wooded path at the park’s entrance, where the last years’ drought has compromised the forested patch of this little zone to the point where a careless spark or a small lightning strike blackened the undergrowth and seared the feet of the pines, the leaf-mould blanketing the path is whispering with scurrying insects. Dragonflies zip, crickets hum, and a flurry of minute emerald beetles flashes across the shadows into the warm sunlight on the piney dirt in search of other green things to dedicate to the extension of their fleeting little lives.Photo: Shiny Green

Renewal and refreshment are all around at this time of year, even in those parts of the hemisphere not so visibly on the brink of bloom. The very knowledge that the season of change and growth is near gives us a little nudge, when we let it, to remember that we, too, might be capable of change and growth. We, too, might bloom, with just a touch of faith and effort.

18 thoughts on “Wake, Awake!

  1. I’m not so good with waiting for anything. .. However, we are starting to see some signs of spring up here also! 🌷

    • Lately, we’ve been in classic north-TX mode, swinging from brilliantly clear and sunny and 70s-80-ish one day to cool and windy and overcast the next, then thunder and spitting, then warmish, then pouring…. Can’t tell the players without a program! 😉

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  3. Just what I needed Kathryn; a beautiful post full of newness and hope. I’m feeling down in the dumps and it’s a beautiful sunny day, bright with hardly a breeze, the birds are singing their tiny hearts out, I have tons to be grateful for and yet… Xxxx

    • I do so understand, Christine. For even the slightest of depressives, there are those times…for those with true challenges like MS, all the more difficult to set aside the sorrows and frustrations, the pains and the sadness, when they hit. But I hope that you’re already finding some respite and rescue from that again. You are so loved. That may not be new, exactly, but it’s true, at least!


  4. What an excellent image you’ve written: “a flurry of minute emerald beetles flashes across the shadows into the warm sunlight on the piney dirt in search of other green things to dedicate to the extension of their fleeting little lives.”

    • Thanks, Steve. I am glad you enjoyed it. Wish I could’ve gotten a much crisper shot of one of those little guys, but they were speedy as heck and even with Richard helping me I didn’t get any closer to any than this shot. 😉

    • If I’d been a whole lot faster and stealthier in stalking him I might’ve grabbed a clearer shot (or if I could paint like you, maybe I could *imitate* a better one!), but he certainly remains showy and memorable in my mind’s eye! 😀

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