And Look out for the Piranhas

Digital illo: Mr. Tough Guy

You may call me *Mister* Tough Guy, if Yes, Sir! isn’t satisfactory.

So you’re a big shot, eh! Not everyone is as impressed with your highfalutin pedigree and your cosmopolitan veneer as you might hope.

Small Pond, Small Fry

Some clown came to town from the city

But he didn’t know everything, did he?

The result was so bad

That, alas, the poor lad

Was the first course we had, out of pity.

Digital illo: Uh-oh.

Suddenly I sense there’s another school of thought…

6 thoughts on “And Look out for the Piranhas

  1. Sorry about the previous ‘non comment’ I seem to have trouble making comments from my iPad and so here I am on my desk top….Wanted to say, I LOVE this:) Hope you have wonderful

    • Step AWAY from the whips and chains, missy! I promise you, there is more than one in the pipeline, and the frontrunner is about halfway ready for a first shop-around. And some other stuff, too, for good (or bad) measure.

      Right now, I’m just sitting moping at home and listening to a live-streamed jazz concert from campus because I’m still feeling too wiped out with the Creeping Crud (the PA today confirmed my suspicions it’s a combination of strep and a cold and threw in not-previously-treated allergies as a bonus) to go with Richard and get back in the Swing of things. Literally or otherwise. It’s a really fun concert, too, ’cause it’s primarily in celebration of UNT being gifted this winter with the whole Gene Puerling library. Ah, well. Hopefully now that I’m gonna get all pumped up with drugs to enhance the multitude of vitamins and fluids and alla dat I’ve been living on lately, I soon will be back up and energetic enough to be annoying the world at a faster rate than the latest days’. Books included.

      Love and germ-free long distance hugs!

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