Does My Big Backside Make My Brain Look Small?

I know, I know. There are those who might suppose that I actually think through my hindmost end. Most of those persons, undoubtedly, have observed my fine work here at the blog. I like to think that I’m a little more versatile than that. Sometimes. I do not take offense at the idea that my thinking is frequently similar to that of personages sometimes known in the vernacular as “ass-hats”โ€”not a reference, mind you, to millinery designed for Equus africanus asinusโ€”my thoughts can be odd at the best of times. But of course, I would consider it indelicate to accuse any donkeys of thinking as weirdly as I do.

What seems objective to one may be objectionable to another, though the object, to both, might be to subvert overt subjectivity.

See that? I did it yet again, didn’t I.

Is there an intersection or interaction between fact and fictionโ€”or is the connection only full of friction? Can’t say.

But goofy or not, my thoughts are here. And so, my silly friends, are You. Now who’s the nutty one, eh?Digital illo: Butt Thinking Makes It So

14 thoughts on “Does My Big Backside Make My Brain Look Small?

    • Okay, it’s true. I was kinda hoping somebody else would admit to it, but yeah, it’s me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Glad I snagged you a snicker! ๐Ÿ˜€ And soon it’ll be the weekend: real cause for rejoicing! Have a great one.

    • But(t) there’s already so much extra space in my cranium that my poor little shriveled brain rattles around like a malformed pinball. What shall I put in as a space holder, if not my brain-let?

      • Did you know that when you’re young your brain fits quite tightly into your skull, but when you’re old there’s almost an inch of space between brain and skull? Just another of those useless but alarming pieces of information.

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