Just a Drop

A raindrop is a small enough thing.

Millions of raindrops together, they can do something.

While other parts of the country and the world are thirsting desperately for even a few good rains, we in north Texas have been surprised with a gift of enough rain in the last few weeks to break the spine of a few years of our own drought.

We human sorts aren’t the only grateful living things in the event.

Wildflowers have been blooming in special profusion this year, even in my own backyard.

And other very small things seem grateful, too.Photo: A Primrose and a Prim Little Snail

14 thoughts on “Just a Drop

    • Thank you! As much as I sometimes dislike sharing the delicate petals of my flowers with the snails who eat them so rapidly, I do find these tiny gastropods rather dainty too! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, my friend. I hope all is well with you! 🙂

    • Many thanks, Kay! The big trick, besides balancing the light on a fast-moving cloudy day, was holding both camera and stem still enough to catch a clear glimpse of the teeny snail. 🙂 Mother Nature did all the rest of the work, of course.

    • Thanks, Tig! Between the gusty weather and my usual tremors, it was a trick for me to get this simple shot lined up, so I’m glad it worked reasonably well after all. 😉

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