Child at Heart

Busy times with lots of semi-important Things to Do, many late nights, and heaps of social interaction make a naturally introverted person like me reminisce fondly about simpler, quieter times. I imagine myself reading pretty picture books, having a nice glass of milk with some stem ginger shortbread, and a nice hour or two curled up in a big comfortable chair by the window to quiet my spirit before bedtime. Then, maybe a sweetly sung lullaby to put me fully at ease for a good night’s deep sleep.
Digital illo: The Book of Lullabies

Sun & Shadow

My shadow and I are the best of friends—

I measure her height as the sunlight ends,

And the clouds that billowed from dawn to dusk

Float into the night on the roses’ musk—

My shadow will wait for me under a lamp

Through night, ’til the morning is dewed and damp—

For we play together yet all alone

Because my shadow and I are one—

So I will awake and sing and play

With my shadow companion the next fine day

15 thoughts on “Child at Heart

    • I like the idea that history remains around us in spirit if we are at all attuned to it, so we can revisit old friends, including our younger selves, if we are patient and childlike enough to notice them. 😉

    • There’s no time like the present for a good nap, if you ask me. No matter when the present is (excepting, perhaps, in the middle of one’s own public speech or the like). 😉

  1. I know this feeling well, although of late I don’t go out and interact as I used to. Having said that I have just been out three days and evenings in a row and I am totally ready for the curl up by a window and a lullaby! Love this poem, it made me feel all light and fluffy 😊

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