Don’t Bother Me When I’m Sleeping

Photo: Dr. Coffin, I PresumeWorld-Weary, or Geologically Tired…  

If you wake me at an hour too far ante-meridian,

I’m sorry, but my heart is dark and harder than obsidian

But if you keep me up too late and sleepless in the night,

It’s just as likely I will have a heart of anthracite.Digital illo from a photo: Just Let Me Sleep

4 thoughts on “Don’t Bother Me When I’m Sleeping

  1. Love this, sleep is such a wonderful thing! I love going to bed by 9 and love getting up at 4, funny how we are all different in our sleep needs and patterns and nothing throws me off more than that pattern being disrupted!!

    • The more I read and learn, the more I believe that one’s whole being is shaped—or shaken—by sleep, its patterns for them, and the quantity and quality of it in general. To say I’m mildly obsessed is probably an understatement. But then, it might be that I’m obsessed about any number of things. 😀

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