Unclassified Fauna

Digital illo: Previously Unclassified FaunaDiscoverer Discovered

Should a biologist be lost

in untracked wilderness, the cost

might be more palatable when

she found a beast that other men

and women hadn’t seen before:

she’d get the credit, and what’s more,

it would be named for her as well,

should she record her findings. Swell

as documenting her great find

in journals she would leave behind,

posterity could also learn

another feature that, in turn,

she mightn’t think the creature’s worst,

considering she’d met it first—

had any notes so ably writ

been found; they’d been consumed by it.

The pages must’ve tasted great,

were they all that the creature ate,

but after her, they were dessert.

Hope getting eaten didn’t hurt.

11 thoughts on “Unclassified Fauna

    • No kidding! But I had a good time imagining my fictional scientist’s surprise and dreadful misfortune all the same; I hope I’m merely imaginative, not mean-spirited. 😉

    • Thank you kindly! I think he has feline inclinations, but he’s clearly a distinctive guy who doesn’t fit neatly into any more specific realities. Thankfully. 😀

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