Drawn to Dragons

This is yet another of my obvious addictions: the otherworldly or fantastical. I can’t stay away from dragons and faeries, aliens and archetypes, for any great length of time.

Thankfully, I seem to be in good company in this regard. So I doubt I’m either shocking anyone or even likely to bore them with it too terribly, since those not equally smitten will happily ignore or delete my many posts containing such curiosities. I’m also happy that, because of the very unfettered nature of the topic, I will never run out of subject matter for my drawings when I feel it’s time to get back in that gear.

It might be that I am something of a fantastical creature myself, of course, so perhaps that helps to explain my affinity with other denizens of the unknown realms. (Grins to self, scribbling away as usual.)Drawing: Enter the [Spaniard's] Dragon

6 thoughts on “Drawn to Dragons

  1. Not long ago almost every home had a curio cabinets to display unusual objects the owners thought interesting, unique, special in some way or simply beautiful. Having a curio cabinet in the mind saves all that wrapping and packing when you move from place to place.

    • You said it! I love those cabinets-of-curiosities, but I’m happy when I can rein in my pack rat proclivities and enjoy more of the Stuff as an observer than as an owner. šŸ™‚

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