Inspiration in Waiting

Digital illo: Muse 1Quiet Companion

In the cooler corners of my crooked little room

There gleams an iridescence that defies the chilly gloom,

The pale enchantment of an eye that never shuts in sleep

Or wavers in its glowing gaze, whose watch is wont to keep

A careful, mystic, present love that guards me from all harm

And teaches me her secrets when I curl beneath her arm

So I can rest in confidence with this companion, whose

Great beauty is to fill my soul, for that she is

my Muse.Digital illo: Muse 2

14 thoughts on “Inspiration in Waiting


    Solitude my best pal in your silence solace I find you inspire never demanding anything in return I wait reverently patiently like an expecting lover you will always be there for me this little corner we share is the rock of my life and I’ll be ever strong and steadfast I don’t run away I’ m no coward here I step back but for just a while and shall wear a smile when I walk out to do what my heart bids and in fullness I know life should not be regret I am a man just an ordinary man but one who shies away never I owe myself the duty to be myself my dreams to fulfil to be truly free what kind of man is he who is afraid to be himself?

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