Running Circles around Me

How is it that one can never ‘catch up’—with anything in life? In my case, I’ve no doubt the natural probability of my being behind in all things is undoubtedly exacerbated by my laziness, procrastination, stubbornness, ignorance, and near-inability to operate in the spatial world in a typical fashion. Being virtually unable to distinguish left from right, north from south, up from down, or in from out can be highly entertaining, if nothing of particular value rides on the speed of the outcome, whether I’m en route somewhere or attempting to read or measure something, or just buttoning my shirt, but it’s less amusing when I feel perpetually stuck in first gear despite having a deadline or an emergency.Photomontage: Life Runs Circles around Me

In any event, it might explain why I find myself distracted (yes, another of my troublesome never-catch-up causes) by all things orbital, this feeling that life is running circles around me. It may be egotistical, come to think of it, to operate as though I were the center of the universe this way, which in turn (there I go again!) seems a teensy bit ironic for someone who feels unable to operate her own life let alone run the world’s machinery. Ah, well, it doesn’t bear further fuss; I’ll get circles under my eyes if I keep this up too long.Photo: Powerful Circle, or Black Hole?

4 thoughts on “Running Circles around Me

    • I could’ve put up a photo of my round hummingbird feeder, too, but the little fellows seem interested only in doing a little visual reconnoiter occasionally these days. 🙂

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