It’s Never a Bad Time to…


Yesterday’s chip on my shoulder or rants in my pants should remain yesterday’s. I did enough whingeing and wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth to give vent to my current irritations with the American political landscape. Resulting, I fear, in my passing the irritants on to everybody else in my wake, for which I am only semi-sorry, as I was selfishly just plain unwilling to keep it bottled up any longer. A quick trip to your Happy Place will undoubtedly remove any of the gunk I splashed on you, and I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me even in my slightly unrepentant state. Wink-wink.

Meanwhile, I will shut up for the moment. Here: I’ll show you one of the photos that I took on our last part of the summer’s expeditions, a view that gave me great pleasure both on the day—our last of travel for the season, it happens—and on seeing it again now, as I’m busy editing the hundreds of shots taken from the start of the summer adventures in June through this photo. I’ll inundate you with more of those later. But now seems like a better time to just bask in a Happy Place of my own and share it with you. Peace.

Photo: Last Evening

On our last evening of 2015 summer travel, the view from our hotel room was a calming respite after a day of deluge. Rain and storms can be a joy, but the sweet promise of a rose-colored evening sky afterward brings a different kind of bliss.

16 thoughts on “It’s Never a Bad Time to…

  1. Rosy hued picture with poignant caption!
    It was raining when I was born. My mother used to say that I brought rain with me wherever I went. You would think that I ought to feel a kinship with the rain. Yet, it is the moment right after a downpour that brings me a measure of relief. “The rosy-colored sky” and the crisp and musky smell of the air, to me, are the gestures from Mother Nature, as if her way of saying:”All is well again.”

    • Precisely. I feel the same; much as I appreciate rain and the good things therein, much as I sometimes even revel in the pleasant melancholy of a rainy day or the sound of it pattering on roof and windows, I am always delighted when the clouds begin to part and especially when this kind of “soft rainbow” offers its benison. 🙂
      PS—if you bring rain with you wherever you go, then that tells me you’re a Rainmaker! ( —see the last line of paragraph 2 especially!—somebody who Makes It Happen but can also envision a way through from problem to betterment. 🙂 )

    • Well, it was “sewn” on—I had to composite two shots to get the sky and ground equally clear with my chintzy little camera (and equally chintzy skills!). But this is what it looked like. So beautiful there! 🙂

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