Getting in the Way of Focus

Digital illo: Getting in My Own Way

As always, the calendar teems with To-Dos and the brain busies itself with what-ifs and irksome things done and not done. End of summer, beginning of the school year, change of work seasons, all push against the calm of normalcy and pester for attention. I get too subdivided and distracted and forget that merely doing what I’m doing is, in fact, Enough.

Good to be reminded that if I let go of yesterday and let tomorrow come when it’s good and ready, I can see a clearer view of where I am, what I’m doing, and who I am meant to be in the midst of it all. Note to self. Yes, that’s Enough.Digital illo: Coming into Focus

4 thoughts on “Getting in the Way of Focus

    • Yes, indeed—I find I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing all the students again! And, of course, hearing lots of lovely music again now that the season will begin. 🙂

  1. Great minds think alike here Kathryn! I have just written a poem about all this and received inspiration for it from my little old lady cat, yet again. She inspires me quite a lot. But this month, Im posting poems from my book. So you will see it at the end of the month; Im sure you will recognise the theme. Your post is a good reminder though, because I can easily write about it but doing it, this living in the now business, well, it’s ot so easy! 😊 xx

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