I’m an Excellent Driver

Yeah, No. I’m no more an excellent driver than I am a fabulous navigator (said Miss-lexia!), let alone than the character in the movie Rain Man who made the claim.

But for the moment, my spouse is stuck with me as his chauffeur. It’s a rather novel experience for us both, having me do all the driving, as in addition to my complete lack of any sense of direction, I am not especially fond of driving, and am generally delighted to be spoiled by his driving our one car 99% of the time. He rather likes driving, and is more skillful at it than I—and more tolerant of my passenger-seat critiques than I am of his—so our usual arrangement of him driving me everywhere generally works just fine.

But he had arthroscopic surgery on his knee last week and until the swelling is completely healed and his knee more flexible again, it’s my turn to do him the favor for a bit. He’s certainly earned the privilege of being shuttled around awhile. And it has occurred to me that as the perpetual passenger I get to enjoy much of the local scenery and sights in ways that he rarely has the chance to see, when he’s constantly focused on getting us safely from Point A to Point B. It made me glad there was a pretty sunset this evening while we were coming home from points south around dusk.

And I did get us here safely, so I suppose excellence in driving is something of a relative thing, after all.Photo: On the Road

4 thoughts on “I’m an Excellent Driver

  1. Hope the knee heals fast!
    I used to love driving. Now there are so many cars the fun is gone. I can’t wait till I can read a book while my car drives me to work!

    • Me, too!! We went down to the north side of Dallas on the last two days, and the freeway’s so horribly ripped up and rearranged all over the Metroplex it’s sheer insanity to try to get through and find my way anywhere, let alone when there are monkeys and maniacs driving all around me! At least I have my navigator, who is also kind enough to occasionally just lay his hand on my shoulder gently and say, Stay Calm, It’s Okay. 🙂 You and I, we can get in line as soon as those auto-autos are available, eh!!!

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