Short & Sweet

Digital illo from photos: Dark Waters

Waves of sorrow will pass soon enough…

The interlude between uneasy emergency-room visiting and the expected, probably not too fun, Expulsion of a certain little hunk of rock from the Paradise of my innards is a brief one, but it’s amazing how lovely it is to feel pretty good in between times. The stone has kindly opted to not move during this intervening couple of days, and I am grateful! It meant, among other things, that I felt well enough to deal with a heap of post-hospital laundry, tidying up the general wreckage of a house neither of us has been free to visit much in the last week, and just admiring how lovely it is to have an ordinary day. I fully intend to be a poster child for pain-free, speedy resolution to kidney stone fun, but I have to be fair and say that I’ve already had about the shortest and easiest passage through this little form of bedevilment anybody could have. And I am cognizant, more than ever, of how incredibly fortunate I am not to face the chronic or the deepest forms of pain.

Remind me of that when I’m whingeing about my suffering later. Because, being human, and being a pretty unspectacular specimen of the species as it is, I will. I apologize in advance. But I really, truly, and with all of my heart thank everyone who has been so stupendously kind and supportive when I do get all misty-eyed over my supposed sorrows and tribulations, because it’s you who make any and all of it bearable. And keep it, despite my foolish self-centeredness, in perspective.

Joy for the day!

Digital illo from photos: Time to Make Waves

Let the happiness and love wash over us all!

19 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

    • Thanks, Dennis; I’m so grateful they haven’t been worse—as I know is possible, from many I know who have had much more drama with theirs. Feeling just plain lucky and optimistic at the moment, though I know it’s typical to have a bit of down time for a day or two afterward. Every passing (no pun intended!) hour is one more to tick off the list, though. 🙂
      Cheers, friend.

    • Thank you, Beautiful. I’m counting on all of your birds and other critters to assist me in my recovery when I have a little time and semi-lucid (best I can do any old time!) rested surfing freedom in the next couple of days to visit and admire them. 😀 xoxo

  1. I woke up last night during the night thinking about you, and what came to mind is “This too shall pass”. Speedy recovery darlin! 😉

    • Thank you, my beloved! I’m sitting here enjoying a little calf-massage from the great anti-clotting thingies the clinic sent home with me, and am looking forward to bedtime very soon. Oddly, I’m tired. Kinda indulgent, after being given a couple hours’ lovely anesthetic nap, don’tcha know! 😀
      Big, loving hugs to you and Mikey!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • It’s getting to be a bad joke in our family lately: my two trips to the ER with this stuff this month, Richard’s knee surgery and Mom’s abdominal surgery in between them, and now one of my sisters wrote that she took a bad fall on her run yesterday. Sheesh! You’d think we owned major stock in Big Pharma. Hope we’re all done with this silliness now.

      I *am* feeling better, not least of all because I was nervous about the rock-blasting procedure. Hoping for a good night’s sleep, albeit one that will be much interrupted, given all the fluids I’m having to replenish and the sand-expulsion thereby. 😉

      In any event, I thank you for your sweet note!

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