In a Perfect World

Photo: In a Perfect WorldIf the universe were flawless, life within it ideal, and I supernally fine, I would arrange so that my dear, darling spouse could have the most beautifully untroubled and magically rich existence in history. When he woke up every morning, angels would fan him with their wings while serving him pizza and ice cream to his heart’s content and he’d never get uncomfortably sugar high no matter how many slices or scoops he ate. He would be wafted from rehearsing one unnaturally skilled and committed choir to another, each accompanied by the finest instrumental resources available anywhere, all the while enjoying the acoustic majesty of whatever stupendous space he desired at the moment. He would flit effortlessly to every city, country, and continent next on his wish list to make music or just to wander and rejoice in the culture and landscape, the people and history and endless other gifts of each dreamy locale, until he longed to be whisked to the next. He’d have a glorious day hike on Mt. Rainier any day he wanted, no matter where he was for the rest of the day.

And all of this would find him accompanied by me—but the fabulous, unimaginably sweet and brilliant and supremely good-humored version of me. Probably nicer to everybody than I have ever been, but especially to my husband. I might even be a good enough singer to qualify for one of his incredible choirs. If we wished. In a perfect world.

Especially today, it’d be nice to think he could exist in this perfect world. It’s his birthday, and I wish him every good thing on every day, with a plus-plus-plus-sized wishing on his birthdays. Sadly, no luck on that front. He woke up to the gentle breeze of my snoring, no angel wings. No sugary treats—homemade chili for dinner. Well, okay, a bit of chocolate for dessert. The choirs and ethereal travel…all of the other infinitely sweet wonders I wish were mine to offer him in vast quantities for every day of his long and deliriously happy life…only a dream, in this imperfect world.

But the love we share makes my world a greater joy, and I’m here to say that I hope that I can get better with each passing year at returning the favor. If all the perfection I can offer my beloved is to love him as best I can for as long as I live, then that’s what I’ll wrap up in silken tissue and a bow for now. He’s pretty tolerant of imperfection, I find, and that’s perfect for me. Happy birthday, my love.

14 thoughts on “In a Perfect World

    • Thank you, Cindy. Hard not to have over-the-top sentiments about the guy I love so much. 😉 And the photo is from our fabulous afternoon on Rainier in July. Sigh. So exquisite there.

      I’ve been thinking of you and your Holler birds a lot lately; while I’ve been hanging around home recuperating I think I’ve discovered that we have a red-tailed hawk living in one of our trees. Yippee! And the hummingbirds have been wonderfully attentive while I’ve been here to enjoy them. Such a delight.

      Hugs to you!

    • Thank you! We have had a lovely, restful weekend and just to be able to spend two days together after a very busy beginning of the new work year has been wonderfully restorative. 🙂

  1. Aw how lovely. And your love tied with a bow is the perfect gift.

    Two days later over here in the UK another lovely man is celebrating his birthday and I have locked him in the bedroom – wait for it – with a tin of paint and a paintbrush 😄. Bless him. He is quite prepared to paint the room on his birthday rather than go out in the pouring rain and very autumnal weather – his choice! I have made him a curry for dinner though 😊. Belated happy birthday to your other half xxx

    • Isn’t it lovely to have a sweetheart who is so generous and faithful! Mine made our recent little health-adventures so much more manageable with his kind spirit and good humor, and a dozen favors large and small throughout the hours. Hope your bedroom ‘reboot’ is a delight. These fixes have remarkable power to brighten life in general, don’t they.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

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