Shore Enough

I did say, a number of posts ago, that I’d share some more shots here from my summer gallivants, eventually. How ’bout now? The unchanging sunny heat in the tag-end doldrums of summer break in north Texas are almost inevitably a time when my heart turns toward the shoreline beauties of any coastal places I’ve lived or visited. It’s no different now, unless you count that I’ve been gradually going through and editing more of the vast collection of photos I took on our various trips, including many shots of said seaside spots. So, without further ado, some views of this summer’s watery shiny-object admiration.Photomontage: From the Coasts

11 thoughts on “Shore Enough

  1. We in the Hill Country of Texas keep waiting for North Texas to send us some cold fronts. I’m ready for fall! I especially want one that’s about a week earlier than forecast for Gatlinburg, Tennessee since I’m going there in mid-October to see the leaves and other sights. 🙂

    • I’m so thrilled that today it never strayed over 90 or so. What an improvement! Maybe we can share the good luck with you this time around. Gatlinburg sounds really lovely. Hope the leaves are spectacular for you. We finally get to visit in your neck of the woods over our spring break next March, and while I suspect that this year’s bounty will be hard to repeat, it’ll at least be a pleasure to be (a) a day’s drive away from Work!, and (b) where we’ll at least have a slightly better chance of wildflower glimpses than in Denton. We shall see. Meanwhile, enjoy the fall colors in TN!! 😀

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