The Angle

Digital illo from a Photo: Gathering StormOpen a Window

Open a window; what’s outside?

Sunlight blazing far and wide?

Branches dancing in the trees

and birdsong lilting on the breeze?

Is it an evening cold with storm,

with indigo cloud banks taking form

in a palisade of lightning, hail,

and whistling ghosts in a screaming gale?

So goes the weather, for a start;

how, now, with the windows of your heart?Photo: Sunny Days

16 thoughts on “The Angle

  1. Enjoyed this very much. Beautiful imagery. Ends with what could either be a very difficult question, or the easiest and breeziest of questions ever pondered. The windows —- of the heart.

    • Funny how often the same question can be at such different extremes, isn’t it. In this instance, perhaps the difference really lies in looking at the obscuring haze I’ve let form over the window, or clearing a space in it so I can really see *through* it again.

  2. This one I could talk about for a long time; the windows of my heart. Sigh…. I have always thought your writing is so captivating. Wonderful words that have hit me at an interesting point. Good evening to you! May your weekend be lovely! Koko:)

    • Thank you, dearest Koko. Our Saturday has been marvelous and restful thus far, and I hope *your* weekend is similarly lovely. I hope the “interesting” nature of your life right now is positive and hopeful for you. Sending you warm hugs and encouraging thoughts!

  3. Reblogged this on Zika's Musings and commented:
    Hello my lovelies. A beautiful Sunday to you all. Throw open your windows and  just savor the essence of today.

    I find this poem by Kathryn Ingrid a really nice piece to give thought to. She blogs at Enjoy! Bonne journée!

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