And That’s Why You can All See Right Through Me

Under Wonders

The measure of a man when he’s

undressed down to his BVDs

is neither like to leave impressed

anyone more than when he’s dressed—

nor less, in truth, than womankind

in underwear their measure find,

and neither males’ nor females’ worth

has any price at all on earth

determined by the clothes they wear—

or, Emperor-like, when nothing’s there—

no looks reveal, nor can they hide,

our value, for it lives inside—

and gender draws an “I don’t care”

in terms of styles that people wear

or of their color, shape, or size,

for naught of value in that wise

is clearly shown. Small are these parts,

compared to what lives in our hearts.Digital illo: Vitruvius Imperator MMXV

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