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I’ve been blogging daily just long enough, now, that I find it impossible to remember every post I’ve put up thus far, never mind any larger percentage of my life’s epic episodes. It’s nice that many of those events and adventures eventually reappear, at least in teeny-tiny increments, in my shadowy, foggy memory, but I suppose it’s far from essential. We all lose traction in the paths of life at times, and get by as best we can in spite of it all.

Maybe hanging out with the next-door kitty cats so much lately has distracted me a bit more than usual and I can blame their attentions for my current inability to recall if I have posted this little set before; perhaps my brain is already pretty furry anyhow. It hardly matters. I’ll just give you another look. Or a first one. It’s all just a tad cat-and-mouse anyway, what we do here on a day-to-day basis, isn’t it.Drawing + text: Cat and Mouse

Memory is such a volatile, ephemeral, thing, and so subject to filters and interpretation. Like human history in general, if I may say. When I wrote this, I certainly wasn’t expecting (let alone happy to contemplate) that Differentness—racial, gender-related, cultural, and so forth—would still be such unfunnily real divisive poisons in the current day and age. I hope that this will one day be only the humorously cartoonish tale it was designed to be, when I posted it before (if I have), when I blog it today (as I will), and whenever I post it again (for I might very possibly do it all over again, consciously or forgetfully. Ha. Joke’s on me.

8 thoughts on “Kath & Mouse

  1. I am pitiful at establishing or maintaining any sort of friendship, but someone who I would call a friend once stood on the precipice, indecisive. She loved someone of a different race, and knew that in the corporate world where she worked, a mixed marriage would likely cripple her career, especially in the Deep South. But love could not be denied. She trusted that God would understand, and she followed her heart.

    She married him, and they went on to have two beautiful children, one of which is about to graduate from college. My friend’s career ended up soaring to heights she probably could never have even imagined. Her devotion to her church has remained steadfast throughout those many years. Her life is a testament to making a choice, and trusting that as long as things are good between you and God, then you truly have nothing else to worry about.

    Which isn’t to say that her kids didn’t experience some of the sad cruelty of the world, but she raised them to be warriors. They are a family with wide open generous hearts, and the lives they touch are always made richer by having known them. A rare glimpse into living done right.

    I’ve always admired her brave leap forward. I was fortunate enough to know her when she was still agonizing over this choice. When she was questioning bringing mixed race children into a world that can be cruel. She wasn’t as much worried about her career, (although as a woman in the men’s world of corporate structure, she had much to lose), as she was worried about how the world would embrace her future children. She decided to fill them up with God’s love, and placed her trust in God. She is kind of amazing, really. Your poem reminded me of her. It made me smile. So thanks for sharing that memory with me.

    • Thanks for sharing that *story* with me! What a great, and inspiring, tale of commitment and truth. Beautiful. As you know so well, we all have our moments of bravery in very different ways and I admire yours deeply, but it’s comforting to know that even in parts of life where we haven’t either the reasons or the resources to be so courageous, others step up and show us the way.

      Hope you’re well and having a beautiful start to the season. Big hugs from here!


  2. I find the search facilities on my WordPress pages are a great aide memoire these days. ‘When did we do that?’, ‘Where was?’ etc. The trouble is we have to remember at least one relevant word.

    • Amen, brother! I have been known to just sit here and laugh out loud at my silliness when fumbling to find one clue I can Google to figure out the rest of the moment’s puzzle!!!

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