A Lone Bird

Photo: A Lone BirdSolitude is not always lonesome; it can be a deeply joyful place of peace and calm. It can be an inward-looking, melancholic sweetness tinged with nostalgia or the cosmic silence in which every breath becomes a prayer. To be alone in the worldly sense never denies the possibility of a welcome, comforting Other presence, or the awesome sweep of knowing that reassures, despite all challenges, that one has a place in the universe, however small.

Formless in the mist, obliterated by dark and storm, or shut from sight by suffering or fear, the things that ordinarily create a sense of normalcy or rootedness may not be gone, but in the state of being all alone, anyone can become convinced she is alone, and that solitude is a burden or a punishment. But in the stillness, too, is the possibility of deeper thought, of slipping into a state where the good and the powerful and the blessed things that fill the spirit—when there are fewer distractions of person-place-or-thing to prevent it—well up and are renewed.

4 thoughts on “A Lone Bird

  1. Being alone is not a bad thing. I enjoy solitude very much. Especially when I’m in my garden or working on a project. Alone is good for me. Alone to me doesn’t mean sad…I don’t fear alone. I go out plenty and I enjoy people. I party with the best of them! But alone I can work out my thoughts and regroup. I really liked this post! Hope you are having a wonderful evening. Happy weekend to you! 🙂 Koko

    • I was fortunate to have a lovely weekend of not-aloneness with my beloved (who had an unusually large amount of free time over the two days!) so that I can once again relish my alone time appropriately. 😀
      xoxo, and may your week be marvelous!

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