Flowering Quietly

Photo: Macroscopic Garden 1The faintest, mildest, least-noticeable of all things can still have tremendous impact. Take lichens, for example: the most wonderful of flowers, even gardens, on a microscopic scale. Strong enough to wear down stone itself over time, but so delicate and dainty and fairylike that they are rich and glorious even in their seeming fragility.Photo: Macroscopic Garden 2

12 thoughts on “Flowering Quietly

  1. Spectacular pictures! Love the vivid color and the details. I have a whole new admiration for lichens, thanks to you!

    • They’re so intimate, in their way. I feel like I’m being handed tiny, magical bouquets full of secrets when I get to come in close and see the wonderfully tiny flora in their strongholds on stone and concrete and brick and branch. I’m glad you enjoyed these ones, too. 🙂

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