Next Thing I Know…

I have never lived for any great length of time without wondering what would happen the next year, the next day, or the next hour in my life. It’s a deeply inherent part of my existence, and I suspect, of most other people’s as well. But I’m experienced and grown-up enough by now to recognize that I should jolly well limit my mulling over that mystery enough to spend the majority of my energies on getting the most out of the present—and putting the most that I can into it.

Call it whatever you please, devotion to making myself better in the here and now seems to me far more useful, meaningful, and simply enjoyable than mooning and swooning over what might be, may be, could be, or should be. I try, and I hope to try better. I mean to try better.

But really—what is coming? I can’t quite let that alone, either. Too tantalizing….

Meanwhile, in the here and now, I am tremendously grateful for many wonderful things. I am rich with love and friendship, with food and shelter and opportunity. And I have one of the greatest treasures of all, the knowledge and experience of peace. It may be a slightly rare commodity in the unknown, unplanned chaos of everyday life, never mind in the wider world’s daily struggles. But I have known peace and am gifted with times of deep and comforting peace through those riches I have just enumerated for you. And through no deserts of mine—I am glad beyond imagining that whatever lies ahead, I expect to keep looking for, and finding, Peace.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I wish all of you the opportunities to experience peace, and to share it with all of those whose life paths your own intersects. Peace among us all.Photo: Thankful for Peace

6 thoughts on “Next Thing I Know…

    • Any resolve I ever experience regarding food is strictly limited to how long I feel like enforcing it. And that gumption is, of course, inversely related to the beauty of any food-like objects appearing within my view.

      I say this, knowing that I finally have a copy of your cookbook en route to my kitchen and my welcoming, if slightly flabby, arms. 😀 😀 😀


        • Already having great fun reading the stories, of course, but getting inspired, too. *Eventually* I’ll have this new kitchen of ours whipped into at least enough shape so I can find tools and ingredients without a big ol’ scavenger hunt, and I can attempt anything like real cookery. For now, the quick-and-dirty approach has to suffice. So glad to have vicarious feasting in the Bartolini kitchens!!

    • In a delightfully strange coincidence, when WP ‘disappeared’ my food post at which this comment of yours was (presumably) directed, rather than jettisoning the comment it merely moved your note (and John’s) to a completely unrelated post, making it seem that you were intending to eat some lowland marshes. Unless I utterly misunderstood your intentions! But now that I revisit the re-post of the actual food (Doesn’t WordPress Love Me Anymore?), I want to eat everything on the page again too!!!

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