13.30 hours: Driver arrives to take us to Dallas-Ft. Worth International airport.

16.15: Departure time. Flight to Chicago (along with hundreds of other flights) is delayed by high winds. Pilot opts for optimism and starts boarding.

16.35: It becomes clear that even an optimist can’t get us to O’Hare in time for our connection to the Stockholm flight. Spouse makes inquiries at boarding desk.

16.45: It becomes clear that no flights from Chicago to Stockholm will have room for us within the next 24 hours, if not longer. Spouse convinces airline employees to take his checked luggage back out of the airplane cargo hold.

16.55: Baggage in hand, we work our way back to the ticketing gate and confirm our new and different tickets, on a different day, with a different airline, through a different intermediate country.

17.05: Enjoying an expensive cab ride home for the night, we send messages to the friend who was planning to pick us up at the airport in Stockholm, and to the shuttle driver who had picked us up in the afternoon. Time to initiate Plan B.

13.30, Day 2: Driver arrives to take us to DFW airport.

[Insert Twilight Zone theme music here.]

Photo: Expect the Unexpected

Travel experts always say to Expect the Unexpected. And this helps me cope *How*??? Guess I’m just supposed to be glad bighorn sheep haven’t learned how to fly yet.

8 thoughts on “Circumnavigations

    • The first time I traveled by plane, it happens, was when we lived in Mt. Prospect. Not for a happy purpose: we were flying back to Seattle for my young cousin’s funeral. But the excitement and glamor of flying outweighed the sadness by far, as I recall, taking the edge off of the whole reason for the trip well past when we disembarked again in Washington. Sigh…metal silverware…elbow- and knee-room…recognizable food, served on plates…. 😉

    • It was a splendid time from beginning to end—I shall post about it as soon as I catch my breath again. 😀 And I can’t wait to swap home-moving adventures in person, SOON!
      ❤ ❤ ❤

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