Annual Report

It’s end-of-year assessment time everywhere. It’s time here at WordPress. The stat monkeys have declared it, and who am I to argue with stat monkeys?

It’s always intriguing to see a condensed version of the last year’s activities. Clearly I always know far less than I would hope, assume, or think about what’s gone on in the universe in whose midst I exist. Such is the human condition, n’est-ce pas? We humanoids are perpetually, perniciously unable to  see the larger picture 99% of the time. It’s weird, yet refreshing, to be shown the greater reality in which I dwell, even if it’s merely to chart the activities of something as non-essential as my blog.

Knowing this stuff, however trivial, changes nothing. The past is the past, and the present disappears at top speed into its well, too. But what of the future? I suspect—and I very much hope—that having a little mosey through what I may have missed in the broader, richer pageant of life, even in a tiny corner of it, might jog me into paying a bit more attention and squeezing yet more of the goodness out of it, going forward.

Perhaps next year’s stats will tell whether those efforts have been successful or not. See ya on the other side!

Photo: Celebratory Dinner

How about a little celebratory dinner, for now?

10 thoughts on “Annual Report

  1. Following your musings has been entertaining, inspiring, and has even nudged me in the direction of expanding on my culinary experimentation. I was once fairly timid in the kitchen, sticking to the tried and true, but now I tend to lean in the direction of “why not give it a try”, and I thank you for your delicious and colorful foodie blog entries that helped push me in that direction.

    Mostly, I have thoroughly enjoyed the many facets of your creativity, and getting to know you as the person behind the pencil, (or the spoon, or the paintbrush). You lifted up my spirit more times than I can count, and even had me exploring my ideas about my relationship with God. As if that wasn’t expansive enough, you often made me laugh, or smile, or nod my head in recognition. Entirely too much food for thought in one blog, but very much appreciated!

    Best of whatever life chooses to share with you in the New Year!

    • You are incredibly generous, both in your support of me here, and in your far-reaching, always deeply engaging posts ‘back home’ at your blog. I am so grateful for the inspiration and companionship and wisdom you share so graciously. You are a treasure, my friend.


    • Whenever you show up, you’ll be fed, my darling. What it might be is anybody’s guess!!! But I’ll bet we could have quite the adventure cooking together, come to think of it!

      A glorious 2016 to you and your manly-loves, and may the year bring you surprising sweetness around every corner.


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