In case you wonder where I’ve wandered off to for the last couple of years instead of sticking to my daily blogging!

I’ve been producing, refining, updating, and otherwise detailing hundreds of my artworks, from photography to drawings, paintings, prints, digital illustrations, collages, poems, essays, book designs, and more. Many of these have already gone up for sale online at Zazzle and Art of Where (prints of artworks on paper, canvas, acrylic; household objects like cups, plates, lampshades, pillows, and the like; and clothing—T shirts, aprons, scarves, shawls, and more) and as books of my writing and visual arts at Amazon and Blurb.

Most importantly, I’ve been enjoying the process of getting back to my art roots and producing and editing my own work just for the love of it. I am immensely grateful for the freedom to pursue this vocation, and for the many friends and loved ones who support me in the craziness!

And in case you can’t tell, since I’ve become a silent lurker 99% of the time, I do still love visiting my friends’ blogs and reading and viewing when I can!


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    • Many thanks, dearest Rosemary! I hope you’re well and having a good summer. We’re with the family in WA just now (and will celebrate Mom & Dad Wold’s 61st anniversary on Thursday with them and Mom & Dad Sparks!) and can’t believe the too-hot weather followed us up from Texas!!! But it’s such a joy to be able to see all 4 parents plus Karen plus Richard’s brother, even if too briefly. Life is full and good. Much love to you!

  1. Dearest Kath, anything you put your hands on will be a huge and happy success! So happy you are pursuing your happiness. Wishing you every success dear friend.
    Much love and sunshine filled hugs from SA.
    🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

  2. Aw, you sound VERY happy! That’s the greatest success and reward of all! Enjoy Washington State… my sister, Jules, and her family just got back from Oregon where friends there were complaining of the heat wave! Ha ha!

  3. It is so good to hear that you are pursuing you passions. I have often thought of you and R. Here is praying for success and contentment in all you do!

  4. I will be taking a good look at your Zazzle site and I am so pleased to hear that your creative juices are flowing. You are so wonderfully uplifting….and always remind me of the absolutely joy of creativity. Sending you my friend love and wishes for a wonderful weekend. I know you have enjoyed a fabulous time in Seattle…may all of this continue for you as you return home to Texas. Janet. xxx

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