The Inexplicable Explained

digitally doctored photoWhy She Does It

The able cataloguer’ll

Produce the worst of doggerel

Because strict order suits her taste,

The free or random seeming waste

To such refined and organized

Beliefs. Add that it’s hypnotized

Her not into the orthodox

Approach to meter; no, what shocks

Us is that rather than to hone

The wealth of poems to a bone-

Sharp, artful edge, she deigns to vent

Her verse as tidy excrement.digitally doctored photo

Thing that Does Things


There is a wonderful machine that’s spiffy, neat, and super-keen


Because its functions are so grand and great, but on the other hand,


It’s hard to fix when it’s abuzz, malfunctioning, or conked, because


It is so arcane, intricate and complicated, that we get


Bamboozled trying to describe what’s wrong, and end in diatribe,


For truthfully, we’ve not a clue just what this fine machine can do,


Or what its actual functions are, for it’s so complex and bizarre


That we, in our benighted state, prefer to simply think it great


And know that if we could have guessed


          what it is, we’d sure be impressed.


25 thoughts on “The Inexplicable Explained

      • Doggerel is such a totally derogatory word, right up there with any insulting profanity, expletive or epithet personally directed– none but unjust judgment, cruel and hurtful. No one could ever fairly accuse you of of writing doggerel, not even you, my talented, gifted, dear ki…

        P.S. Humorous intent acknowledged but that word “doggerel” hits a sensitive chord…

      • Please don’t worry, my dear Lindy Lee–while I acknowledge the traditional use of the term ‘doggerel’ as a straight-up insult, I myself *like* it for two big reasons: one, that it is simply a goofy, fun-*sounding* word, and two, that it allows me lots of latitude in publishing stuff that’s intentionally very silly indeed. I think of it as my license for pleasurable loopiness. (And I always feel free to fling about insulting language regarding my own stuff as long as nobody worries too much that I’m deadly serious in that.)

        All of that beings said, I appreciate that it’s a touchy subject for you and I apologize if it offended you, which I hope you know never was or would be my intent!

  1. OMG! LOLZZZZ…. these are hilarious! Love love love them!!!
    I have so been there and done that. With both. lolzzz…
    Especially the second one. That’s my attitude (and aptitude) towards ALL machines. I simply cannot make head nor tail of them.

    • Rather like the American equivalent of how the British once used ‘spiffing’, spiffy means smart, unique, amusing, stylish–but pretty much as antiquated a word here too. You may have noticed that I use a lot of outdated, colloquial, and made-up words here anyway! 🙂

  2. I was at a showcase for poet laureate for our city last night… you’d have been on stage with the best of them, Kathryn! Lovely and hilarious poems today!! xo Smidge

  3. What a nice way to end my day, with a chuckle and a broad smile. Thank you for both, Kathryn. As you probably might have guessed, “cataloguer’ll” and “doggerel” grabbed my attention at the very start of your first bit of verse but I identified with the 2nd piece. If you ever see me with tools or a step ladder, you’d be wise to vacate the vicinity, ASAP. I can take a mildly underperforming appliance or fixture and render it totally useless in seconds. It’s a gift whose time has not yet come. ((sigh))

    • Your description of your mechanical prowess had me falling off my stepladder laughing! I am deeply empathetic. Or, in the case of attempting many repairs, just pathetic. 🙂

    • Pretty bird feathers, no? I couldn’t *quite* get in close enough for a super sharp shot with my teeny camera, so doctored it with Photoshop into a painting, but I loved the delicacy of the patterns all the same. I am not to be bamboozled by my photographic limitations! 😉

      • I took a photo myself … of a tiny white bird feather … that ended up on our back patio after last night’s barely-perceptible-but-we’ll-take-what-we-can-get mini-rain-shower. I don’t usually do photos, but all you fabulous photogs are gradually nudging me in that direction. I figure I can point and shoot, and might even get lucky every now and then and capture something interesting. Like a tiny white feather. 🙂

      • I’m delighted you’re venturing further into photography–it’s a really gratifying medium, in this age of instant results, and allows a wonderful memory capture in interesting ways.

  4. Hi. I have been looking over your posts and I like your black and white drawings. Also the sketch of feathers above. Interesting blog! And you have a lot of different plants in your garden! Jane

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