The Early Bird Gets the Worm (But Don’t Waste Your Pity on the Late Bird)


You mockin’ at ME?

That old saying has transcended life-directional, generational and international boundaries so widely and deeply that it’s practically accepted as the absolute Truth. Don’t get me wrong, for many it is indeed an operational reality. But as someone who not only loves to sleep in but craves, nay, needs large quantities of sleep regularly if not constantly, well, I have come to accept my own version of this truth, or one I think is a more completely accurate version.

Yes, the early bird gets that proverbial worm more often than not.

But every birdie that gets out there, raring to go, in the earlier hours of any given day is not inherently smarter or a better hunter or more wonderful than the one still tucked neatly into the nest, storing up strength for her own burst of action, no matter what either’s pace or style or M.O. happens to be. For one little thing, the Law of Unintended Consequences can indeed be a nasty spank on the flank to anyone not paying proper attention, but in other senses, it can also lend a lovely surprise ending, a positive twist unforeseen: the worm that the aforementioned early bird unceremoniously cheated out of another day’s orchard-munching left an untouched, pristine apple hanging there. This glorious apple would otherwise have been unavailable to Miss Sleepy-Cheepy, who has finally arisen, seen the sweet orb of the fruit eclipsing a late-morning sun and surrounded by its celestial aura with a sense of angel choirs bursting into cinematic soundtrack song, and eaten her fill of juicy, energy-producing (and doctor-evading, if we are to believe all old sayings while we’re in this groove) goodness. Hopefully, thanking in her heart her early rising cousin for rescuing a tidbit that she secretly prefers to eating boring old worms anyway.

This, of course, is one microscopic scenario in the universe of possibilities. Many of those alternate realities are terrible, many grand, and many, just as on the millions of days before them, unremarkable. Except as they are experienced by us quirky, crazy, individual beings. We have our own filters and will always know life’s ups and downs through those; even though our filters must change as we change-or-die in life, we will never cease to experience a filtered life as long as we do live. We find our own realities. We shape them and understand them as best we can, and we let our own compulsions and desires and beliefs keep pulling us into the new world of tomorrow, whether we get up at the blink of its dawn or lie somnolent well into the middle of the day.

I am no bird. But I can fly, too, despite my urge to sleep a very long time while nestled in my safe places, and despite my natural resistance to learning new and seemingly impossible things. And it doesn’t have to be before a certain hour of the clock for me to stretch my wings. Maybe I’m a bat. If so, that makes me the early one, I guess.


Me, ‘flying’. Thanks to the filtered reality of a 777 flight simulator plus an *actual* pilot brother-in-law doing the real guidance while I attempt a second landing of it in ‘Memphis’. I didn’t crash it, but I do apologize about those blown tires; guess that’s just a consequence of my being such a latecomer to the whole flying thing. But it felt real, in its own way, and gave me a sense of both exhilarating and terrifying freedom and an even deeper appreciation for the people who make Flying Humans a reality in such amazing ways. Whoa, there! Gotta go lie down now.

15 thoughts on “The Early Bird Gets the Worm (But Don’t Waste Your Pity on the Late Bird)

  1. I was, once, a late riser and loved being able to stay in bed, nestled in my covers, until late in the morning. Max changed all that and he wakes me early every day. On those very rare mornings when he sleeps in, I now wake up on my own, unable to sleep any longer. Not to worry. I make sure to wake him up!
    I certainly could never pilot any type of aircraft. I’d be in a flop sweat like that pilot in “Airplane!” Still, I’d love to pilot a flight simulator. That would be incredible!

    • If only Max would expend his early morning energies on fixing you your morning coffee and perhaps a nice plate of pasta Carbonara (surely the perfect breakfast, no?), maybe go out and deadhead the roses for a while as you leisurely wake up on your own schedule. But alas, life (and our loved ones, including the four-legged) calls for other solutions. If you have to be up so early, maybe you should get an Xbox with a flight simulator game and get flying . . . πŸ˜‰

    • Kate, your generosity moves me! Thank you. And of course I must add that you are entirely and deeply deserving of your every recognition yourself. I love the community you have done so much to build and enhance with your gracious and graceful presence and work.

  2. Oh, the wonders of being able to lay in under the covers snuggling just because you can – heavenly! Then again an early rise to see the beautiful sun greeting the day is equally as heavenly.
    WOW, how cool are you – simulator or not – AWESOME!!! What an incredible opportunity not many can brag about – well done Pilot Kathryn!
    πŸ™‚ Mandy

    • Believe me, I’m not applying for flight school anytime soon, after seeing how intimidating all of that stuff is (you can’t see in the photo how tight my death grip was on the steering yoke!!), but it was exciting and fun to try once, at least!

      Yes, I have managed a few pre-dawn wake-ups in my time, but as long as I’m able I will always prefer a long, late, leisurely one!! πŸ™‚

  3. Great post, ki; and, congratulations! on being designated for yet another blogger award,
    certainly, unquestionably well deserved; your spot here on WordPress enlightens, piques the imagination and entertains on many other lofty levels…

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