Sighhhhhhh . . .

I’ve got this little problem, see. It’s about my name. No, I am really pleased with the one I was born with–Mom and Dad did a bang-up job with that, as far as I’m concerned. Parents have it easy with the baby-naming stuff; it’s not their fault if the kid doesn’t match up with the moniker, considering that they had no way of knowing the shrimp beforehand to fuss over pairing name and gnome perfectly.

My problem is with my blog title. I’ve winged it with my online place’s birth-name, a version of my own, since I started the gig a little over a year ago, but in truth, it was pretty much a place-holder since I had no inkling then that I’d not only stick with the process but have people beyond the borders of my immediate family visiting with me here. So the problem is, if there’s nothing in the name of my blog to tell anybody outside of the aforementioned familial borders what the heck this blog contains, or why on earth they would have the remotest reason to bother visiting here. If, indeed, they did.

Now, then, I’m having a good old identity crisis. ‘Cause I don’t know what the heck to tell anybody either. On Tuesdays, yeah, you’ll generally find food-related ramblings when you show up. Other days, though, swerve from one topic to another so loosely and with such unpredictable abandon that I don’t know when I sit down at the keyboard what direction I’m bound to take. New drawing? New photograph? Reminiscences about travel, DIY monkeying, garden plotting, commentary on freeway drivers or a freshly minted and wildly ridiculous poem–I just haven’t figured out any sort of way to describe in a couple of words what’s on the non-Tuesday menu around this blog.

I’m open to suggestions. Thanks to my obsessive dilettantism, my spouse suggests that the family nomenclature for me of Short Attention Span Artist might just do the trick, but as accurate as it is in describing me (and probably what I do, too), it still doesn’t seem to me likely to tell a total stranger what to expect on arrival. Tangential adventures like mine could possibly be described as, uh, Tangential Adventures, but of course that’s pretty cryptic too. Art, Poetry, Photography, Essays, and Ingenious Insights combines the pompous and the dully categorical in a way remarkable only for its long-windedness.

I guess I’ll just keep a-sittin’ here in my little corner twirling my ponytail for a while and see if some astounding inspiration happens to alight upon my bedazzled pate. Ooh, Bedazzled Pate! Nahhhh, sounds like some kind of yummy mousse studded with masses of rhinestones. The truly big question remains. Who am I? Doubt that can be answered in this or any other lifetime. But perhaps I’ll figure out my blog’s identity one of these days, at the least. Feel free to help!


26 thoughts on “Blogsistentialism

    • 😉 Yours will now have to be named Miss Smarty Pants. 😉
      Hope you two had a lovely Labor Day too. Ours was the longest *actual* weekend we’ve had in many months, if not a couple of years, and ohhhh, it was lovely. 🙂

  1. I am no help here, Kathryn – it took me a good two weeks of constant soul searching to come up with Appearing Closer and that only came to me after I looked in the passenger side mirror of my car! I even took the desperate step of *gasp* trying a random word generator on line – I can tell you, that is like a shot in the dark and even less likely to hit a target!
    You may just be stuck with your moniker, my friend! ♥

  2. In my years of blogging – I think it’s almost four, now – I have strayed from my ‘original’ idea so far, that I’ve often thought of renaming, or starting over with a new one. I actually HAVE another blog reserved with my screen-name for a title. There is nothing in it…I’ve never written a single post.
    Take heart, dear. WE found you, ambiguous title notwithstanding…Others will, too.

  3. Hmmmm. I have no solutions for you, but I can commiserate. My blog title has to do with how many Valentine’s happen to live in my house, and not much at all with what I write about. Especially now that my kids have expressed great disinterest in being written about, and my psyche has expressed overwhelming interest in churning out snapshots of fictiony stuff…. For some reason, Xerxes comes to mind when I read your work. Not the killing and pillaging part, of course. But he had a profound appreciation of beauty in minutia and demanded the same of his followers. Of course, that title would be awfully cryptic, too, wouldn’t it? Good luck!

    • I’m nothing if not cryptic. 😉 But Xerxes’ are pretty large sandals to fill! I think your Valen-title is still grand because it certainly still *does* apply in the original sense even though you’ve added so many rich dimensions to what you produce and share there, and also because if a stranger comes to it simply because of the assumed applications of the name Valentine, then they’re not steered entirely wrong when they come to a blog that’s simply bursting at the seams with love and passion along with all of its other riches. 🙂

  4. I think it’s hard to find a short enough title if you are as versatile as you are. I like the “sparks” in your name because I always find sparks in your art and writing.

  5. Firstly, YIPPEE, so pleased I am not the only one in the same dilemma. I too have been needing to change the name of my blog as it too encompasses so much more that what I started with – I was just thinking of adding to mine somehow, but how, who knows!
    Wish I could help with something constructive for your new name – why not simply ‘Kathryn Sparks’…it certainly encompasses everything.
    I hope you find what fits and works soon.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. It sounds like we have all breen through the same if not similar thought processes. I know when I was in France last winter I kept thinking how deeply inappropriate Promenade Plantings was. And then like you I waver and wander. But it’s the wandering I like best, the total free form nature of your blog, in fact i’d like to be more like that. I never quite know what to expect, I do know I’ll be in for an interesting read or a beautiful painting.
    I would just sit back and see if something does eventually come to mind, it also depends so much on what you want to say about yourself and cough, cough where you see this blog going.
    Whatever I’ll be back 🙂

    • Ahhh, great minds struggle with the same great Thinks! Well, you and I and all of our blogging coterie will just have to muddle through it as best we can. Just being yourself is the main goal anyway, no? And *your* particular self has oodles of compelling charms whatever name you give her. 😀

  7. Allow me to suggest for you, a change of name intermittently, most befitting your imaginative abilities, for what’s in a name, anyways? Your given name, your maiden name & your Mrs. name matter not, as it would still be you all the same. Just don’t change your serendipity game…

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