A Pearl Dropping into a Well

graphite drawingWhen the singing is sublime, it’s as though everything else stops. The air ceases to move. Thought stills. Time ripples ever more slowly and delicately, and only beauty exists.

When a singer’s voice takes hold and sways me, I imagine a pearl dropping into a deep, deep well. Its subtly rich sheen and its smooth look of perfection rolls at speed through the air yet seems to flow through it with an attenuated grace as though purity and love buoyed it up delicately and cradled it gently downward. At last, reaching the depths, the note, the pearl, begins its plunge–the fulness of the water embraces its fall–the ear draws in the note and pulls it soul-ward.

When the choir breathes out in flawless song, I am lost in the jeweled depths. Gorgeous and welcoming, the magnificent impossibility of such beautiful sound carries me, too, in its cradling care. And I fall–in darkness, in love, in joy.

4 thoughts on “A Pearl Dropping into a Well

    • If you want to hear a terrific choir singing, you can always look up the UNT choirs on YouTube or, if you want the ‘live’ experience, watch any of the UNT streamed concerts! (Just go to unt.edu on the web, find the College of Music’s live streaming link, and listen to any of the broadcast concerts on your computer in real time.) 🙂 R just had a grand performance with his University Singers the other night and it was good enough that the publishers of George Shearing’s Shakespeare pieces were happy to allow the group to post their performance on YouTube already. R’s current choirs at UNT are the University Singers and Collegium Singers, by the bye (Collegium is the group that specializes in early music). 😀 xoxoxo!

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