Keeping Watch

Now that everyone seems to have the technology to make cheap watches (which I must designate in my heart mere instruments for marking time, not timepieces), I get to wondering whether the beauty of true clockworks will always be preserved or will only serve as curiosities and fodder for art. That precision we take so nonchalantly to be ours is a museum of measurement and the poetry of a mechanism we should keenly regret to lose if we value something more than the rigid math of time, the seamless meeting of Doing and Deadline.

digital illustration from a photo

8 thoughts on “Keeping Watch

  1. Math may be rigid in the sense that a certain relationship is or isn’t true, but the finding of mathematical relationships is quite a creative process; call it the thrill of the theorem.

    • I envy you your math scholarship, wherein you can see the poetry of it; I am left to my ignorant devices of trying desperately to descry sense in the patterns that are evident and elegant to the wiser.

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