Places, Beginners

photoWhether it’s only on my mind as a continuation of its recent theatrical theme is debatable, but I do think a great deal about location. More likely, perhaps, because whatever minute remnant of my Viking heritage remains in me is expressed in waves of desire to go, to be at or in, other places. It needn’t be out of dissatisfaction with my present; I’m simply aware at one level or another of how much great magic is Out There everywhere, luring me.

In any case, one of those relatively few things that will often set my heart racing is the image of a setting for some new act on my part. It may be quite specific–the upper room, reached by improbable set of impractical stairs, in an old clapboard chapel where I used to sneak away to daydream in the dust-glittering beams of attic light, perhaps. Other times, it might be more general, like that vague yet insistent itch to be at some glorious outdoor place defined more by its unsullied native air, free of any human-made flaw and full instead of the intimate stirrings of the natural world. Sometimes my soul inclines toward places known, and others, to something that may not yet even exist.

Perhaps the latter is my cue to see that there are places I myself should be inventing and shaping. Mayhap there is a scene–is an entire tale–yet to be writ, precisely so that I can be the first actor on its stage. Do you suppose that this is how we must address Life to fully inhabit it?

Places, everyone!photo

4 thoughts on “Places, Beginners

    • There’s more than a tad of suspicion among those who know me that my mind may have wandered off entirely some time ago. Perhaps it’s merely that the rest of me keeps trying to follow. 😉

  1. I love what you write of here, Kathryn – although it does speak of your desire for literal travel, it also appreciates the imaginative kind. As a writer of fiction I especially liked this line:
    ‘Sometimes my soul inclines toward places known, and others, to something that may not yet even exist.’
    Happy travels, my friend, however that motion and magic happens for you! XO

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