A Hard Day’s Work

graphite drawingAnyone can be forgiven for thinking that today’s title is a phrase entirely foreign to me in every way. As an avowed lazy person and general slacker, I am known for working with dedication and intensity only when absolutely necessary and unavoidable, and then of course immediately reverting to a supine position as soon as humanly possible. I can, however, honestly claim a couple of points of connection with the workforce, really I can.graphite drawingFirst, of course, is that as a person who enjoys storytelling in both verbal and visual forms, I find much inspiration in the beauty of working people and the myriad tasks they perform, whether willingly or unwillingly. Their beauty, the admirable strength and the grace inherent in laboring people and their achievements, is worthy not only of recognition and illustration but also of admiration and praise. So I suppose this other understanding that I, in my limited way, have of hard work, this combined amazement and gratitude, is really what drives my urge to illustrate such people and their deeds. Call it my thank you card.digitally colored graphite drawing

6 thoughts on “A Hard Day’s Work

    • You are ever so sweet to say so, my dear Mands! But believe me, I know from reading your blog that your daily life is far more action-packed than mine, never mind when you add in special adventures! xoxo πŸ™‚

  1. I could never think of you as a slacker, either, Kathryn, because your writing alone speaks volumes of the hard work, thought, and compassion you include. Not to mention, your art is always stunning! This is a beautiful tribute to working people, firemen, especially. I’ve always admired them, but this goes for all others, too, who truly put their lives on the line for human kind…just wonderful! Sending much love and many hugs to you! xoxo

    • Thank you kindly, my sweet! I’ve seen what immense amounts of work you accomplish both in your day-to-day and your blogging lives–nothing I could ever dream of keeping up with, but I’m happy to let you overachievers do your thing and make the world so nice for me!

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