Joy in the Morning

digital painting from a photoMorning, Waking

Starting anew with a fresh clean slate

I feel a sense of freedom, youth

A breathing moment where the truth

Is not unlikely, not too late

I have arisen and begun

Not just by law but for desire

Alit with unaccustomed fire

From some oft-hidden ray of sun

These days when age most often stings

The simple joys right out of me

I slake my thirst with ecstasy

When a rare morning-welcome singsphoto montage

4 thoughts on “Joy in the Morning

  1. Wonderful words for the renewal that morning can bring. I was feeling really tired this morning, and then was in the garden and heard the baby wrens in the wren house (even though I see the wrens busy building their nest every year, sometime they make decoy nests) – they must’ve hatched in the last day or so.

    How can one not feel better ‘When a rare morning-welcome sings’? XO

    • Being so sincerely the Not a Morning Person type, I appreciate my mornings and awakenings generally at a much later hour than most people’s, but whether I actually arise early (as I do on *occasion*) or later, the time when I first get up and about can have wonderful gifts in it. xo

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