The Price of Innocence

Wye Not

Wye was an impoverished man

Because he didn’t know

The answer to all questions was

‘Because I told you so’—

Wye was a pauper and

He lies in Potter’s Field

Because he tried to find the truth

That others kept concealed—

Wye lived in such poverty

And died alone, unmourned,

Because he kept on asking things

Well after he’d been warned—

Poor Wye was a mortal fool

Despite being a hero:

In heaven, truth makes you a saint—

On earth, it makes you zero.graphite drawing

4 thoughts on “The Price of Innocence

    • Yes, the illustration here’s all mine. Don’t know exactly what prompted me to turn the little drawing into a semi-Victorian funeral mute, but then so much of what happens in my brain is equally inexplicable. I just go along with it! 😉 Glad you found the story familiar. 🙂

    • I’m glad you liked the piece. I’ve probably said this to you before, but one of my frustrations in trying to connect with agents (art or book) over the years has always been that they persist in telling me that I’m too hard to ‘package’ or market because I work with such wide-ranging subjects and media and so forth–all the while, remarking on how characteristic each thing is of my work. If *they* can, as they claim, appreciate that I have a recognizable style, I’m a little disappointed that they give their customers so little credit for being able to see beyond a desire for repetition. Ultimately, of course, I would credit/blame the marketing and retail side of business as much as consumers for having created such an expectation and demand for predictability and conformity, though everyone decries it. ‘Hooray! A True Original! Now give us fifty thousand more just like it.’ 😉
      Ah, well–Onward and Upward!

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