Passages of Time

photo montageJeunesse et Tristesse

We two, when we were very small,

Walked hand in hand down avenues

Studded with poplars and long views

Of granite pavement, pale and tall

Sun-sprinkled shops, apartments set

Above them on whose balconies

Perched men like birds among the trees,

Eyeing our youth with vague regret—photo montageHow could we know, young as we were,

The brevity of these our strolls,

How every hour more swiftly tolls

Than the preceding? To be sure,

The marvel of our living lies

In sensing little of the thought

That what short summertime we’ve got

Measures in spans like butterflies’,photo montageAnd realizing late in age

On balconies, as children pass,

Our tenure’s brief as leaves, as grass,

As words washed from the novel’s page

By tears dropped silently, this truth

Too hard to tell to little ones

Passing in hand-held joy, the sun’s

Brief rays alighting on their montage

14 thoughts on “Passages of Time

    • Thanks, my dear. I guess I felt a little like I was on a mental visit to Paris, where I haven’t gotten to visit in person in decades–maybe it’s time I found a way to get back to France. Among many other places I miss! 😀

    • It might be a teeny bit of a cheat to illustrate a Frenchified poem with photo montages from (top to bottom) Austin TX, Llano TX, and our backyard in Denton ( 😀 ) TX–but then you know I’m kind of a big cheater anyway. xoxoxo! Kathryn

  1. The brief journey of life … takes so long and yet goes so fast. Sometimes I look at flowers and wish they could just ‘freeze’ in their blooming, but then realize their withering and growing down into renewal is what makes them more precious. How they remind us to treasure the moments.

    Lovely, lovely piece! XO ♥

    • I agree about the reminders inherent . . . and as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate the beauties of aging and decay in nature much more as well, precisely because I *do* have an increasing sense of their fleeting qualities. So happy you liked this piece. I think it’s one of the poems I felt especially connected to as I was writing it, for some reason.
      xoxo! ♥

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