To my beloved youngest sister on her birthday:

Taking life from the real to the magical and from drabness to brilliance, luminosity is the agent of glorious change. Little Sister is such an agent in many lives as well, bringing beauty and joy to us solely by existing, let alone having the sweetness and humor and wisdom that fill her with the warm inner light I so treasure. Simply, my world would be far smaller and more limited to the dull version of reality if it weren’t for the presence of her gracious illumination!

With that in mind, here is a series of illustrations of that progression of luminosity to celebrate the gifts of sisterly love.

graphite drawing

digital illustration

digital illustration

digital illustration

6 thoughts on “Luminosity

  1. May I have a copy of the last angel without satan sent to my email because i would like to see if I could embroidery that image for a friends birthday. I really do like the design.

    • Fascinating (and surprising!) that you see the second character as Satan–I think of the lady as the Angel of Light and him as the comforting and peaceful Angel of Repose! But I’m glad you like the design anyway. I assume you are requesting the yellow lady? If so, yes, I’ll send her to your email, but only if you promise to send me a picture of your embroidery in return! šŸ™‚

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