Housekeeping with a Flamethrower

Why should I do anything on too small a scale, with too little passion? If I’m going to go to any trouble at all for any sort of reason, why shouldn’t I just take it to the greatest extreme I can manage? Anything worth doing, as my father has assured his children all of our lives, is worth overdoing. This, of course, is the same man who told us that ‘they put low dosages on these’ before taking double or triple the prescribed quantity of medication, and who when sent out to prune the trees left something that to his loving spouse resembled less a suburban backyard than a moonscape. Still, he’s managed to live a pretty healthy life and hold down very respectable jobs and raise happy daughters and all of that sort of thing, so he can’t have been all that far off the mark.graphite drawing with digital highlightsAnd, truth to tell, I think that engaging our full strength and will and enthusiasm whenever we can is a pretty good strategy for living altogether. Even though I’m an admitted loafer and a lollygagging lout at heart, I do believe that if I’m going to go to any effort, it might as well be to do something to the best of my ability and, if I’m dedicated and lucky enough in the process, something of value. And I can either thank or blame Dad for my belief in that. (I guess it means that you can, too.) Why, when I got old enough and lucky enough to attach a second Dad, my father in law, to the family, I quickly learned that he has a similar attitude about doing things with complete dedication and raising kids who show that same kind of committed involvement, so I can say that in my experience of fathers in general, they have a remarkable aptitude for living life to the fullest. And really, isn’t it that fine idea after all? I know it inspires me!

Happy Father’s Day to two standouts in the field!

6 thoughts on “Housekeeping with a Flamethrower

  1. I had to grin as I recognized myself in your words. Yes, I do have a flamethrower of sorts that comes in handy in the yard. I bought it at Tractor Supply, God I love that store. Hook it up to a propane bottle and prepare to scorch the earth. Unfortunately I learned about the broad swath the flames put out. There were unintended casualties during the first few uses. Most regrew after a while! I am smiling this Father’s Day. Thanks

    • Ha! Methinks I have a trip to Tractor Supply in my near future! Meanwhile, I’m thinking you and my dad would get along pretty famously. ‘Specially if a couple glasses of ol’ Pappy happened to be on hand. 😀

      • Pappy Van Winkle? I have a 20 year old bottle waiting for the right occasion and still looking for the 23 year old bottle ……. It would be a bit pricey when I find it but worth it!

      • Yes, I knew you had that treasure in your keeping. It was you, after all, who introduced PVW to me in the first place, but I’ve yet to find or taste it. Our best local liquor store (outside ‘dry’ Denton County, of course!! >_< ) people told us that we'd be lucky to find it anywhere around DFW and we might need to employ spies and take out a second mortgage to lay hands on it anyway! 😉 Some day.

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